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Invisible reCAPTCHA with CodeIgniter

This post explains on creating a CodeIgniter library for using the Invisible reCAPTCHA on forms.

CodeIgniter does not display errors

Sometime when there are errors you see only blank pages and error details are not displayed in the screen. This post is on how to fix the issue.

Inserting multiple rows in MySQL in Codeigniter

This post is on inserting multiple rows to a mySQL database table using CodeIgniter is supported by CodeIgniter

PHP Code Generator Introduction Video

We have published some new videos on generating websites using PHP Code Generator. This video is on introduction to PHP Code Generator.

How to setup security in PCG websites

If you generate your CodeIgniter website using PHP Code Generator you also get free admin module for controlling security based on role in your website. The video explains how to use admin portal to control security.

New video has been published

Generating CodeIgniter grid website using PHP Code Generator is easier than ever.

CodeIgniter data grid generation using PCG

Using GRID action in PCG you can generate data grids for managing data in table(module). Generating code for data grid using PCG is easy and also the further customization on the generated code is easy since you get a JavaScript Knockout model.

We have improved PCG now

We have improved PCG in this new year by moving to CodeIgniter 3.0 and by doing some major enhancement to the generated code.

Asset helper for CodeIgniter for managing CSS, JS and Images

This post explains how you can manage the assets easily with CodeIgniter projects. Please note that this asset helper is already integrated to your website if you have generated your website using the PHP Code Generator in our website.

Using Facebook PHP SDK (v.3.1.1) with Codeigniter

This is a step by step tutorial for Codeigniter users for using the Facebook connect feature in their websites.