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How to create custom 404 page with Codeigniter

This post is on creating a custom 404 page in CodeIgniter.

How to post on user's wall on Facebook?

How to post on user's wall on Facebook?

Removing index.php from website url - Codeigniter

Removing the "index.php" filename from the URL makes the website nice and also search engines like it. It is easy to remove the index.php from the URL in CodeIgniter website.

A smart codeigniter model

Extending the Codeigniter Model class is fun and it is a great idea to reduce the code in your model classes by adding some smart functions to it.

How to use facebook php sdk v 3 0 0 with codeigniter

Do you want to implement Connect with Facebook for your website yourself without generating code from PHP Code Generator from our website? Then this post is for you.

Repopulating form fields in CodeIgniter

Repopulating the form fields using the CodeIgniter helper function will not work when there is not associated validation for that field. This post explains different ways of solving the issue.