Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is PWG?

PWG stands for PHP Website Generator. PWG is a tool for saving the developers' time by generating dynamic PHP websites using a simple wizard.

2. How to use PWG?

First you need to add a website in My Websites section. Then click on design and complete the design step. In design you define the module names and fields name and types then the actions you can perform on the module. You can learn more details about this at

After completing your design you can click on the preview in My Websites to preview the generated website online. You can always go back to design to change the module and preview again until you are satisfied with the generated website.

Once you have finalized your website you can pay and download the generated website.

3. What are the technologies used in PWG?

PWG uses CodeIgniter 3.0 as the PHP framework and MySQL database as the backend. Also there are some custom libraries included by PWG in your generated website. You can use those libraries even in your other project without any permission.

4. What are modules in the design?

Consider every major components in your website as a module. The module name will decide the base URL, and the function name will be the secondary URL for the generated website. For example if you create a module with name "Blog" and a INSERT function on it with name "Post", then for posting an entry in the blog module you need to navigate to []/blog/post.

Modules for user management and website administration will be included to your website, by the PWG. So you are not required to create any modules for user management and website administration.

5. Why the pagination links are not displayed in my generated website?

When the result exceeds the no of results page limit the pagination links will be displayed. Please make sure you have enough search results for your query. Number of results per page is currently set to 10. You can change this by editing the configuration file located at application/

6. What is smart cache feature?

Smart cache enable caching portion of the web page. For example when we use some user specific variable such as Name of the user in our web page we can't cache the portion which display the name of the user but we need to cache other part of the page. Using smart cache library which is generated by our self we have achieved it. You can test this by doing a search on the generated website. When second time same query is search the data is retrieved cache. When the result contains more page every page will be cached when it is viewed first time.

Learn more about smart cache library

7. How many modules are allowed per download?

There are no restrictions on the number of modules can be added to the website. Users are only charged for the downloads. You can add any number of modules in design, generate website and preview it in demo without paying anything. You are only charged when you download the generated website.