Generating website using PWG

First go to My Websites and click on the "New Website" button and provide a title and domain name for your website and click the icon for saving the website.

After that click on the Design link for designing your website.

In design, you can modules for your website. A module will contain fields, actions and templates. In modules "User" module is different to other modules because it is considered as system module and user for authentication. So you are not allowed to modify many things in that module. Other modules are added as sample modules. You can delete those modules if you don't need and add your own modules as needed.


In settings you can enter the name and display name for the module. Also there are additional options "Image List" options provides feature to add list of images to an entry in that module through action. For having single image in the module entry don't use this option instead have one field with type Image.


Fields are used to capture the data in the modules and represent columns in the module's tables.

Field Types How is it displayed in action?
Text, Decimal, Email, Number, Password
Date, TimeStamp
Dropdown:Static, Dropdown:Dynamic
Radio Buttons
File, Image
Rich Text


Actions are for manipulating or reporting on the data of the modules such as adding, updating, viewing, searching and reporting etc. You can reference templates for email notification when an action is performed.

Action Type Description


This generates the screen for adding records to the module. Use the to set the Title for the screen and fields entered by and the fields set automatically to some fixed by values. Based on the field type you will different options for setting the value for the field. For example, if the field type is "Username" then you will get an option to set the logged in user to the username field.


This generates the screen for displaying the module data. You can set the visible fields in using the icon . In READ action you can also set a dynamic title by referring a field as title. Use the filter when you don't want to display a record when it is in certain state by applying filter on some fields.


Using this action can generate a screen for updating the records. User can set the fields as editable or readonly or set by system in the action options.


This provide options for deleting the records from the module. Also user can set which fields are displayed in the confirmation screen.


This provide screen for searching records on the module. The search result can be displayed in table form or in individual gadgets. The search by fields and displayed in result can be set using the action option.

Also user can set number of results displayed per screen in the options. A pagination is displayed when the results exceed the number of results exceed one page.


This reports records from the module in table or gadget format. By applying filter on field values can make different reports on the module.


Display the records in the module in RSS feed. Useful when you want to have dynamic site map to your website or user needs to subscribe to the content.


You can create Email templates using the Rich Text Editor provided and use them in the post action notifications to send email on action completion.

Templates can contain dynamic fields and links to the actions in the current module.

Dynamic fields in email template

When editing the template content for adding dynamic fields use the format as [module:field]. The module name can be a current module or user module. User module can be used when sending email to a user by using the username field in the action. When an email field is used in To in the post action then system cannot replace the value with the user details.

An example template content with dynamic field

Dear [user:name], Thank you for joining with us. .......

Dynamic links in Template

Adding links to some actions in the template is easy as adding fields. You can use the format as [link:action] to insert a link to the action.

An example template content with link to action

Dear [user:name], Thank you for joining with us. You can view your profile at [link:profile].

Using Templates in notification

In the action row just click the email icon to view the notification option dialog. You need to fill the following details for sending the notification.
To This dropdown contains the fields from the current module that can be used as email targets. Only the field type Email and Username are displayed here. If you don't have any of these field type, will have to add one field before setting the notification.
Subject Provide the subject for the email notifications
Template This dropdown lists all the templates in the active module to generate the email content.
Method Sending method can be either Queue or Instant. Queue is the way to deliver emails in smarted way from your website.

Deployment is the process of generating code for your design. After deploying the website, you can preview or download your the website.

When you download your website you will get all the files in a zip file with a Readme.txt file in the root. Please follow the instructions in the file to make your website up and running.

File Contents

Below is the list of some files you get with PWG website download.

               |  |-controllers
               |  |-config
               |  |  |-database.php /*Update your database settings here*/
               |  |  |-config.php 
               |  |-helpers
               |  |  |-assets.php 
               |  |  |-authentication.php 
               |  |-libraries
               |  |  |-Smartcache.php
               |  |  |-Oauth.php
               |  |-models
               |  |-views
               |  |  |-template.php /*Main template file to change overall look and feels*/
               |  |  |-User
               |  |  |  |-login.php
               |  |  |  |-logout.php
               |  |  |  |-signup.php
               |  |  |  |-profile.php
               |  |  |-Module Name /*You get a folder for all the modules you create*/
               |  |  |  |-Action Name 1.php /*Actions will have dedicated view file folder*/
               |  |  |  |-Action Name 2.php
               |  |-css
               |  |  |-mystyle.css /* Update your website styles here */
               |  |-js
               |  |  |-admin.js
               |  |-images
               |  |  |-Module Name
               |  |  |  |-/*Files uploaded for the module goes here*/
               |-Script.sql/*SQL script to generate needed tables*/

You need to have PWG downloads before downloading the generated website. You can purchase downloads here.