PHP Website Generator

PHP Website Generator allows users to generate complete dynamic website using easy to use wizard. It is not another CMS to load your website with lot of unused code, but it stays away and generate optimistic code for your website for the functionalities you choose.

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What do you get?

You will get your website generated when you complete the simple four steps process. You can test the generated website online without making payment. You can do unlimited revisions for free and only when you are happpy you can pay and download the website. The generated website will contain the following features.

Admin dashboard

A fully functional admin dashboard with given with generated website which can be used as it is monitor and manage website.

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CodeIgniter 3 (CI)

Generated code is on CI framework which is a lightweight MVC framework. Anyone can understand and update the website code.

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Best performance

We have included our own smart cache library for caching generated pages runtime for best performance of your website.

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Responsive UI

The generated website uses Bootstrap 4, provides mobile firendly user experience. You can apply any Bootstrap theme of your choice.

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Role based security

You can create many roles and grant different combinations for permissions for each role.

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Social login

Users can login to your generated website using Login with Google and Login with Facebook option.

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User Analytics

Analytics module help to understand page by page navigation at for each users. Also tells you when and how many time each user has visted the website.

Easy to localize

Language file is generated and placed inside the application/language folder. It is easy to copy the file and translate the website in to other languages.

Thousands of websites has been generated using the PHP Code Generator. 5000+ users are not wrong.