Introduction to PCG security

When you generate website using PHP Code Generator the security can be achieved through simple configurations. PCG security involves the following.

  • oAuth authentication for Connect with Facebook and Google
  • Security for actions
  • Security for field validations

oAuth authentication

oAuth authentication is automatically available for your generated website in addition to the web based sign-up feature. But you need to configure the your Facebook and Google account settings for enabling it.

Field Validations

When adding modules to the fields there you can add predefined validation rules for validating the input data before inserting or updating them to your database tables. If you don't find a suitable predefined validation rules you can also add custom validation rule by using the pattern validation option.

Securing actions

There is an access dropdown when editing actions in PCG which controls the security based on permissions. Also the filter option in actions can be used for ownership based/data state based permissions. An exmaple for security based on ownership is, only the user himself can update his profile. An example for state based security is, only the order received payment can be shipped.

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