Group based security in PCG

In PCG you are creating actions for defining pages for viewing and modifying data in the modules. So the PCG security configuration in done in Action design page. Please follow the below steps for setting up a group based / permission based security for an action.

  • Go to the PCG design
  • Click on Module / Action for viewing all the actions on the module
  • Click on the edit action icon of the action you want to secure.
  • Select "LoggedIn users having permission" option in the action dropdown.
  • Click on the Save icon to save the changes.

 The above steps will generate the code which will check for the permission before execution, also the permission  will be generated automatically. The permission name will be module name + "_" + action name. 


How to allow group of users to access the action?

In admin portal create a role for the group. In permissions page, select the created role and check the permission name for the action which will provide the permission to the group. Edit the users and add the newly created roles for them to provide the permission.


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