Our products

We are selling some of our products in Codester. Here we provide the list of products in Codestor.

Exam Application

Our examination application is a CodeIgniter HMVC (modular) application for providing a platform for connecting teachers and students. Admin can earn commission on examinations published by Teachers. The commission percentage can be set at exam level while approving each examinations. You can buy our exam applications at below link.

Exam Application - Codester


Music Application

Our music applications allow registered users to submit musics or live stream URLs or create playlist using the musics available on the website. Using the you can launch a music sharing website in minutes. Also the app uses PWA technology so the users can install the app as mobile app in their mobile phone and listne musics. Admin can enable Google ads and earn money by displaying good ads. Everything can be configured in the admin portal. You can buy the app at below link.

Music App - Codester


Docu Space

Docu Space is an application for creating nice online documentation. The application uses modern React JS front end and light weight core php and backend and runs without any database. You can keep your documentations at one place and organize in to different spaces. The block based editor allows you to copy paste images and allows to pick icons for each section inside the Space. Our intro page for docuspace is available at https://docuspace.xyz/ and you can buy the product at below URL from Codester.

Docu Space - Buy in Codester




Website in minutes

Do you know that you can generate a complete PHP websites in minutes with PHP Website Generator?


  • Free admin dashboard
  • Role based security
  • Login with Facebook, Google and more
  • Queue based email processing
  • Price at $3 for website
  • Uses CodeIgniter framework

Generate website now See Pricing

You can generate an entire website in CodeIgniter using our PHP Website Generator using easy to use wizards. PHP Website Generator provide many features including search with pagination, AJAX based grid data editors, Group based security and free Admin dashboard etc. Please connect with Google or Facebook and to generate your CodeIgniter website in minutes.