Libraries and helpers

PWG includes many useful CodeIgniter libraries and helpers with your generated website. You are free to use them in any of your other CodeIgniter projects.


  • The smartcache library is for caching the dynamic website pages in static files and to deliver them in the speed of the plain HTML files. We came up with this library, since the CodeIgniter caching library has many limitations and cannot be used in many situation. This library overcomes the issues in the CodeIgniter library. When using the CodeIgniter library your controller code is not executed when the page is cached, when you use the smartcache library you can decide when to deliver from cache after executing the code you wanted to executed always. Also smartcache library supports to keep dynamic session variables and views inside the cached pages. That means you can have customized content inside the cached pages. For example you can use logged in user's name in a cached page.
  • This library is used for allowing users to join to your website using the Facebook connect method. Currently PWG uses the OAuth authentication not the Facebook connect. So in your website users can login with Facebook or Google or any other supporting platform.
  • This is an extended library of the CodeIgniter core image library. Additional image manipulations functions are added by this library.
  • CodeIgniter form validation library has been extended in this library by adding additional validation functions which are not available in the default CodeIgniter form validation library.


  • Authentication helper is used in the PWG generated website to control the view based on user role and authentication. If you are modifying the view of the PWG generated website then you might need to use the functions in this helper.
  • This helper enables you to manage the asset files in an organized way and to have the dynamic relative reference to the asset files dynamic to move the assets files to any folder without changing in many places.
  • This is the helper file which generates, sends and records emails for your website. This supports Queue based and instant email processing.
  • Extended version of the Codeigniter form helper to include additional form controls such as dynamic dropdown and dependant dropdown etc.