CodeIgniter Facebook Connect Library

This library is used by PWG to handle the user sign up and login using Facebook connect. Only one public function is provided in this library the other implementation related to the login and sign up has been implemented in the user module.


  • Pass the user object with the details received by Facebook connect library. This library is currently called in the User module and the remaining actions are handled inside the user module.
  • This library also supports the user module to retrieve and store the profile image locally from the Facebook profile photo.


  • post_to_wall ($message,$link,$image_url)

    When user has logged in using the Facebook Connect this method can be used to post something on the user's wall.

    $message is the message that you want to post.

    $link is the url if the message should have some linked url. Otherwise leave this parameter.

    $image_url is an optional field, and if passed should contain the thumbnail url to display with the post in Facebook wall.