We have improved PCG in this new year 2015

We have improved PCG in this new year by moving to CodeIgniter 3.0 and by doing some major enhancement to the generated code.

PHP Code Generator is now improved a lot and has been upgraded to CodeIgniter 3.0 and the new version is launched on Jan 10th, 2015. Even though there were some downtime to the CodeIgniter framework things are changed near the end of 2014. Now the framework is having lot of development and we are expecting CodeIgniter 3.0 in this year. But since already we have a stable version released we wanted to upgrade early and have finally completed with that.

In addition to the framework upgrade we have also done some majon enhancements to the generated code. Below are highlights of the changes. 

  • Introduce Global search options to the SEARCH type actions. Since many of you were requesting for this, this became a higher priority for us. Now you can have one search box to search for value in many fields in your module. The current search option is also supported by selecting the search type as "Individual" in design.
  • Improvement to the model code generation. Earlier we used a Core Model having generalized functions and the models generated for modules were extended from Core model. In controller we were using the generalized function in most of the places. Now were generate individual module with complete code. This change was done for two reasons. First reason is performance. Now we don't need to read the table meta data in the model functions since we generate functions for individual module we know the table structure when generating code itself. Second reason is customization. Many users wanted to customize the generated code. Since the code from Core class it was difficult to do so. Now users can directly locate and update model functions when ever they want.
  • User module in the PCG generated website has been changed to a new design. Since individual records were created in user table for social login even though user having same email in web based signup user cannot access data from their other account. Now user table will have only one record and social login is supported by an additional table. So same user when login with Google or Facebook will have access to their all details.

Also we have fixed lot of minor defects reported so far, and have some pending issues will be addressed sooner. You can also report us if you have any defect or enhancement by using the contact us form in the help menu.


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