Introduction to PHP Code Generator PCG

PCG is a tool for generating PHP websites using easy to use module designer. PCG generates php code for your website in CodeIgniter framework and the front end(UI) is generated in Twitter Bootstrap framework. PCG doesn't bring any additional load to your website since it is not a framework or a middleware. It stays away and generate pure CodeIgniter 3 framework based PHP coding for your module configurations with best practices and best performance.

In PCG the major component is called module. A module can contain fields, actions and templates. Module will map to a table is the database. Fields are attributes for the module, will map to columns columns in the module table. Actions generates forms / pages to work with module data and to display the module data in different way. Templates are used for email notifications in actions. When user perform an action, notification can be sent to specified users.


PHP Code Generator Concept


As illustrated above the actions are used to generated pages and menu in the generated website. Actions are the way for users to interact with modules data. Actions can contain different security permissions and if the current user does not have the access to a particular action then the menu item will not be displayed to the users. So you need to login to the generated website to see all the menu items including the ones with permission based access.

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