Field types and settings

PCG Popular Field Types

Auto Number : This is autonumber field can be used as primary key when there is no other unique field in the module.

Auto Prefixed Number : This field can be used when the autonumber needs to have specific prefix. As an example in our Support module we have used this field for the service request ID with prefix SR-.

Checkbox : This can be used for boolean fields in database and display them as checkbox in user form. Checkbox can have only one option. If you need to have multiple checkboxes, add fields for each option to the module with type Checkbox. This is because unlike Radio buttons, every checkbox needs to have associated value checked or not. In Radio buttons there are multiple options possible but only one can be selected from the options.

Date / Date Time / TimeStamp : Use this fields types for having date time fields.

Currency : Use this field type for storing currency values such as price.

Dropdown / Select : This field type can be used to display Select dropdowns in the user form with options based on the data source option setting.

Radio Buttons : This field type can be used to display Radion buttons in the user form with options based on the data source option setting.


Data Source Options

There are three different data source options setting available for some field types.

  • Local List : When the data source is local list then the options are defined in the PCG design itself. (Example Usage: This can used when we have the fixed options for dropdown or radio button such as Gender field)
  • Dynamic : When the data source is dynamic the options are loaded from another module selected in PCG design. (Example Usage: This can be used for Category dropdown in Blog module for loading the categories dynamically from Category module)
  • Dynamic Dependant : This options can be used when need to load data from another module but filter the option based on the another dropdown value in the model. (Example Usage: This can be used for City dropdown, if there is a country dropdown in the module, because the city dropdown needs to change based on country)


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