Deploying websites

It is easier to deploy the downloaded website to any PHP supported web server. You just need to do the followings for getting your website up and running.

  • Extract the zip file in to a folder inside the website public directory or copy all the files in to the public directory if this website is your primary site
  • Run the Scripts.sql in your database for generating the tables and views for the generated website.
  • Open the file located at application/config/database.php and provide your database connection details
    • Database server name (Eg: localhost)
    • Database Name 
    • Database username
    • Database password

Also optionally you need to do the following additional settings for using all the features availlable with your generated websites.

  • Open the application/config/thephpcode.php and enter the SMTP server details for email notifications from your website.
  • Open the application/config/oauth2.php and enter the Google and Facebook application details for supporting connect with Facebook and Google sign-up



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