Inserting multiple rows in MySQL in Codeigniter

This post is on inserting multiple rows to a mySQL database table using CodeIgniter is supported by CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter support inserting multiple rows (batch insert) to a database using insert method. 

 $data = array(
          array( 'title' => 'My title' , 'name' => 'My Name' , 'date' => 'My date' ),
          array( 'title' => 'Another title' , 'name' => 'Another Name' , 'date' => 'Another date' ) ); 
 $this->db->insert_batch('mytable', $data); 

 If the data type is array of array then CodeIgniter automatically determine this as the batch insert and generate query accordingly. When the data type is array a simple insert query is used.

// Produces: INSERT INTO mytable (title, name, date) VALUES ('My title', 'My name', 'My date'), ('Another title', 'Another name', 'Another date') 


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